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The home of Vanilla Ice since 1903 

100% Natural Crafted Ice Cream

Ice Cream Charlie is famous for making “Vanilla Ice”. These delicious desserts have been loved by New Zealanders since 1903!

You can enjoy Vanilla Ice in cones and sundaes all year round from our cart in Victoria Square – Order ice cream packs online from our website or hire us for parties and corporate events in Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand.

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Our Locations

We have a permanent location in Victoria Square. Plus our mobile carts are at Riccarton Market and you can also find us in Sumner too!

Vanilla Ice

  • Manufactured continuously since 1903
  • Refreshing – not too creamy not too icy
  • 100% natural
  • 100% NZ dairy milk, cream
  • No preservatives
  • Handcrafted through a batch process over 2 to 3 days

New Zealand

What better way to complement our Vanilla Ice than with our 100% natural fruit topping?
Our toppings all have that real fruit taste…because they’re made from real fruit. We choose the highest quality fruit, and we don’t add any preservatives.

NZ Seasonal

Ice Cream Charlie is famous for its raspberry sauce. But if you want to mix things up a bit, try one of our seasonal fruit toppings.

Our current special is kiwifruit, but it won’t last much longer. Keep an eye out for our next flavour!

New Zealand Passionfruit

We get all our fresh fruit from New Zealand. We don’t just buy NZ made—we know exactly where our fruit comes from, and who grows it.

We source our produce from orchards that we know and trust.

Our Story – Timeline

Take a journey from our beginnings in 1903 to today. 


Ice Cream Charlie introduces Vanilla Ice to Christchurch NZ


December Ice Cream cone patent issued New York USA


All Blacks national rugby team adopt the haka


Edmonds cookbook first published


World War 1


Continuous process ice cream maker freezer was invented


Tip Top opened their first store Wellington


World War 2


Man first walked on the moon


Ben and Jerry’s commences trading Vermont, USA


NZ family, The Mc Isacs buy Ice Cream Charlies


The Original “Ice Cream Charlie”

In 1903 Sali Mahomet started serving the people of Christchurch refreshing ice creams from his cart in Cathedral Square. The original cart is shown above, in a local museum.

Sali Mahomet, Icecream Charlie (c.1866-1943)

Sali soon became known as “Charlie”, then “Ice Cream Charlie”. The name was then given to Vanilla Ice sellers ever since.

Over the years there have been just seven owners of Vanilla Ice (Ice Cream Charlie) who have all honoured the heritage of the product maintaining the same recipe and the loyalty of the public.

Most of the Canterbury faithful have stories of being taken to visit Ice Cream Charlie, as children, often by grandparents. This trend continues today.

Ice Cream Charlie and Vanilla Ice could be considered the oldest gastronomic product in Canterbury.

Our Philosophy

We are proud of Ice Cream Charlie’s history, and proud to carry on the tradition of delivering consistently delicious Vanilla Ice to customers new and old.
Our product is 100% natural, and we are committed to crafting premium ice cream treats, using only the best New Zealand ingredients.
We believe in keeping things simple. Why mess with a good thing? We’ll keep using the traditional batch process to make our product. It’s important to us to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, too.
Ice Cream Charlie is truly the taste of New Zealand. It’s our dream to bring the Vanilla Ice that Canterbury knows and loves to more Kiwis, as well as to visitors from around the world.

What Makes Us Special

Why has Ice Cream Charlie remained so popular? The answer is as Kiwi as can be.
It starts with the refreshing ice cream—a unique blend that’s not too icy and not too creamy. We only use New Zealand’s best milk and cream, batch-made locally by hand. Then we add yummy toppings, made with fruit from our favourite orchard.
The result is a simple but delicious treat, served with a smile, that’s been a Canterbury favourite for well over a hundred years. Generation after generation has fond memories of enjoying a Vanilla Ice from our cart. In fact, Vanilla Ice just might be Canterbury’s oldest gastronomic product!


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